Thursday, 24 July 2014

The benefits of using Organic Raw Virgin Coconut Oil for your pets

Organic coconut oil is becoming more and more popular amongst people. Using it as health foods and also as a natural healer. Us humans will use it to help clear up any skin problems, improve our digestions and it also helps fight off any infections. Of course, aiding in weight loss too.

So why not use it on our pets too?

Research has shown that coconut oil has anti cancer properties and helps to neutralize toxins in the bodies of your pets. Like us, our pets too suffer from several ailments and by using coconut oil, it is a simple and also inexpensive way to help cure several ailments. Coconut oil for pets can also be used both internally (throught feeding them daily) or externally (on wounds or simply just to help moisturize their coats). The benefits of using coconut oil on your pets  is ENDLESS!

Benefits of using coconut oil on your pets:
1) Helps eliminate body odour or bad breath
2) Healthier skin & shinier coat

3) Eliminates itchiness & rashes/ hotspots especially in dogs during hot weather like Singapore
4) Improved energy in pets

5) Improves pets bowels and aiding in better digestion
6) Helps in weight loss for pets
7) Reliefs senior pets from arthritic like symptoms especially
8) Acts like an "antiseptic" as it helps clean up infections 
9) Has de-worming properties
10) Improves overall health & wellbeing of your pet

On top of all this research and proven testimonials, there has also been cases reporting that it Coconut oil for pets has helped to heal dogs & cats from serious conditions like cancer, diabetes and even poisoning!

How awesome is that?! It's simply goodness all in a small jar at an extremely inexpensive rate. 

To purchase this jar of goodness simply click on this link: 

also it is cold pressed. there is still 100% of the nutritional value in the coconut oil and NONE of it's vitamin properties has been destroyed by any form of heat whatsoever!

MyFurFriends brings this product - Absolute Plus Organic Raw Virgin Coconut Oil in two sizes. 250ml & 500ml !
Choose from 2 different sizes. 

So after purchasing how do we go about using it?
For Coat & Skin problems: Take a small amount around the size of a 50cent coin and just gently comb it through their coats or rub it on their skin to help moisturize. Leaving on the coconut oil is fine too. You will see the results in around 2 weeks time! 

For hot spots/infections: Take a small amount and generously apply it around the hot spot and infected area to help get rid of any bacteria as well to prevent further swelling or pus from forming.

For indigestion/ better appetite/ consumption/ losing weight: Start by feeding  your pets with 1 teaspoon of coconut oil per day & gradually increasing it to 2 teaspoons per day. Mixing it with their kibbles or even creating it as a sweet treat by freezing it together with some Greek yoghurt & Banana, if your pets do not like the smell or taste of coconut oil!

The coconut oil can be used both internally or externally for your pets and this will help to enhance your pet's overall wellbeing in the long run.

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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Why choose Grain Free Dry Doggie Food for your Furkids?

Does your furkid suffer from skin and coat issues? Easily upset stomach? Gastrointestinal issues? Weight gain problems? Allergies? We have the solution for you!
YES, we are all pet parents and we know how frustrating it is to see our poor furkids suffer from all the itchiness and being obese. On top of that spending tons of money going to the vet!

Petit's GRAIN FREE dry food can help to combat against all these problems. Too good to believe? Read on and you will understand why.

The packaging is also super PRETTY & COOL! RESEALABLE PACKS for freshness guaranteed and 2 different SIZES to ensure that your furkid only receives FRESH FOOD! You can purchase these awesome kibbles for your furkids that we are talking about at at UNBEATABLE PRICINGS!

Let us give you a detailed explanation on what Petit's grain free dry food really means and it's health benefits for your furkid:

1) Petit's grain free dry food does not mean it is completely free from all the carbohydrates but instead it is LOWER in carbohydrates, which is beneficial especially for dogs who are trying to slim down badly. (Combat against Obesity and weight gain) 

2) Petit's Grain Free Dry Food contains ingredients such as Potatoes, Sweet potatoes, Green peas and even Tapioca as an alternative to carbohydrates. These are much better alternatives as compared to other dry food given to your furkids that contain Corn, Rice & Oats.
Research has also shown and proven that RICE AND CORN especially, are rated high on the allergy level scale.
Hence, Petit's Grain Free Dry Food can not only eliminate skin allergies but also provide a much healthier and shinier coat for your furkid, oh did we mention SOFTER too! (Solution to Skin & Coat Problems) 

3) As Petit's Grain Free Dry Food contains other types of carbohydrates, it makes it easier for your furkids' tummy to digest too. It has been proven by many Pet advisors that grains are more difficult to digest in the tummy of our furkids. That is because grain consuming animals would normally possess one powerful weapon that our furkids (the carnivores by nature) usually lack.
This is a special enzyme that most herbivores and us humans will produce in our saliva during consumption of grain, and it is needed to break down starchy carbs into the simple sugars for better digestion in the tummy.
Our furkids do produce this enzyme as well, however it is only much further down the digestive tract (small intestine) does this happen. Thus, their saliva is actually mostly AMYLASE-FREE!
#Fact Carbs are MORE DIFFICULT for furkids to digest :(

Hence with Petit's specially formulated food for your furkids in different flavours for different stages of your furkid's life, it makes it a whole lot easier on their digestive system. (Solution for furkids that have sensitive & easily upset tummies + Gastrointestinal issues) 

4) Petit's Grain Free Dry Food is suitable for all stages for your furkids as they have a whole range starting from PUPPIES till SENIORS, & whats more? IN DIFFERENT FLAVOURS TOO!
There are a variety of grain free dry foods out there in the market, however, Petit is now offering to you GRAIN FREE food for your puppies too in small kibbles. Perfect bite size for your beloved pups! This way, not only can adult furkids enjoy healthy grain free kibbles, puppies too can now join in and stay healthy :)

5) Other health benefits for Petit's Grain Free Dry Food is that it also reduces the likelihood of getting diabeties. Another reason to choose PETIT!

6) In humans we often have diets called the "Protein diet" if you were to google for humans, where it consist of low carbs and high protein in order for a human to slim down effectively and healthily (I'm not lying, cause it works for me effectively, I tried the protein diet ^^ don't laugh! Way better than eating veggies & living like a cow hahah or starving yourself).
It works the same way too for our furkids. It is backed up by many studies & evidence that have shown that it is working effectively in cats. The same results for doggies too.

7) Finally, as these grain free Kibbles are much denser, there is a lot of calories per cup. Hence we can feed our furkids a lot lesser and they will still feel full. (which points to the solution of helping your furkid to reduce the risk of having obesity)


Here's a short video clip for your enjoyment!

To purchase your pack of PETIT GRAIN FREE DRY FOOD,  simply click on the link down below:!brit-petit/cjfq

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